Loretta A. DiCamillo, FNP-BC

Loretta A. DiCamillo, FNP-BC

Ms. DiCamillo earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree at Old Dominion University School of Nursing in Norfolk, VA, in 2012. She received a bachelor's degree in nursing at ODU in 2010 and a bachelor's degree in education and physical education from Queens College at City University of NY in Flushing, NY in 1989.

Ms. DiCamillo has experience providing dialysis, obstetrics and gynecologic, as well as pediatric care. She performs physical examinations, orders tests for vascular disease, prescribes medications and assesses patients for endovascular interventions and surgical procedures. Ms. DiCamillo works in collaboration with the skilled team of health care professionals at Sentara Vascular Specialists to provide the highest level of care for patients throughout their medical journey. She provides her patients with valuable health information and education to help them partner in the management and maintenance of their own care.

Ms. DiCamillo is board-certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She is a member of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, the Infusion Nurses Society, the American Nurses Association and Sigma Theta Tau International.


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